Mobile Marketing – The Concept

If we talk about the biggest technological revolution in the last 4 decades, it is undoubtedly the development and spread of telecommunication across the world. Less than 40 years ago, people, households and offices across the world had limited access to landline telephones. Today, people from not only the developed world but the developing nations as well are heavily dependent on mobile phones in their day to day lives. While people use personal mobiles for communication, internet surfing, GPS usages etc, the corporate world is not left behind in using mobile communications for their business. One of the main usages of mobile communication for businesses is for mobile marketing. Read on to know more about mobile marketing – the various types and how it has affected our lives.

Strictly speaking, mobile marketing can be defined as usage of mobile phones as a means of marketing or distribution of advertising or promotional messages through cellular phones or wireless network. Today most big, medium and small businesses, from all kinds of industry, whether it is banking or manufacturers of consumer products or tourism industry, have adopted cellular marketing as one of their main promotional strategies to sell their products and services. The phenomenon has become so widespread now that there are many companies that offer services to run mobile marketing campaigns as well as there being many forums, magazines and internet websites that specially deal with all aspects of this wireless marketing here:

There are 4 main ways in which marketing can be done through mobile:
Mobile marketing through SMS – With ever increasing popularity, this is the most common mode of mobile marketing. A company usually creates or buys a database of windows mobile phone users and then sends promotional SMS (short messaging service) on their products and services.

Mobile Marketing through MMS – MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service is becoming increasingly popular with cellular phone users. The MMS allows businesses to send promotional material containing video, audio, slideshow of images and texts. These messages are called Mobile Terminated (i.e. business is the sender and the mobile phone is the receiver) and have the ability to carry rich content via MMS A2P (Application to Person).

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing through Infrared – One of the oldest forms of mobile marketing, the infrared mode did not reach heights of popularity as other modes due to its limitation of range.

Mobile Marketing through Bluetooth – The mode of mobile marketing has many advantages. It is cheap as sending of Bluetooth messages are free post-installation of necessary infrastructure. It also has higher speeds than other modes of wireless messaging like SMS or MMS. It is also highly appreciated by users of cell phones as the receiving of these messages depend on their permission. If they do not want to receive a Bluetooth message, they can terminate the connection for it in just a press of a button.

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