Digital Marketing Tips for Your Multi-Location Business

A growing business which needs to meet the growing demand for its customers needs to upgrade to a new location or multiple locations. This move can become quite a big worry for most business owners, as sometimes you may be worried the location change may signify to your customers that you have shut down. To keep your business relevant and to get the word out, you should consult an SEO expert in Boca Raton.

Keep Your Company On Google

Google is one of the most vital places your customers will rely on information about your business. You need to update your businesses information ASAP, or else you risk people thinking that you’ve gone out of business since you’re no longer at the old location.  Google makes it easier than ever to check your businesses location, directions, phone number, and even reviews. A simple google search on google can make such a big difference when you’re trying to get information out there. This is why any online marketing expert in Boca Raton will tell you that this should be your very first step.

Create Citations for Every Location

You need to prove to your customers and to google that you are committed to staying at that physical address. So before you go and decide to submit any information, make sure that you have a contract or some sort of proof that shows that you will be staying there for an extended amount of time. If you’re just temporary there, then do not submit any information, as this can be confusing and will likely be taken down. The best way to demonstrate that you’re committed to staying at your current residence is through citations. Have your company listed on Yelp, better business bureau, etc.  Sea in Boca Raton and Ppc Boca Raton advertising can help your business stand out as well. More details.

Eliminate Duplicate Content

When you’re updating your information online through websites it may be tempting to take all of your old information and just cut and copy and paste it into your new website. Do not do this! We can only stress how important it is to expand online as well as in real life. You need to hire a website designer in Boca Raton, that can help update your website to accommodate all of your locations. While the general information should be similar, it should not be a word for word. By doing this you can also ensure that Google will give your business more search results, as websites that have more than 10% of content get pushed further back in search results.


It’s exciting that your business has grown to the point where you need to open up new locations or upgrade to a bigger venue. You don’t want to risk the chances of anything going wrong and to ensure that your loyal customers can find you again. Your new location and information online will help you attract even more new customers and will help your business flourish. Learn more details at:



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